Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fan Art & School

So, recently I've been bringing issue one with me to school, and letting people read it if they want to. (I'm considering offering it to the school library!) By a complete landslide, the most popular character is the Fairy Godfather, so far having seven fans in real life. I've never been responsible for an actual fangirl; what should I do? And I'm actually not surprised by this turnout...I wrote him to be a likeable and entertaining character. Personally, I have more than one favorite character, but then again, I am the series creator. You need to be able to tolerate all of your characters if you want to be able to draw them consistantly and repeatedly. (While you think it may be a good idea to make characters every day, or make ones designated to be hated, that will become a burden on you.)

In the meantime, I had a person in France who wanted to buy both issues, but was too young to understand Paypal. I offered her a chance to get both issues for free if she could draw a picture of Elliot and the Godfather. She did, and the issues are on the way.


I actually have this in my school locker as well. My friends (big Fairy Godfather fans) saw it, and their general reaction was "OH D'AWWWWWWW"

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