Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And I haven't finished Hyperspace Bunny

Because I haven't posted this to enough of my sites and blogs, here it is. My manga review got put in the Reader's Choice segment of Right Turn Only, on Anime News Network. This is part of an endeavor to pique America's interest in KCR, with maybe a stateside publishing. I really hope this goes somewhere.

Also, here's something from the Endo production...

In big news, I'm finishing a pitch for The 27 Ghosts of Endo and will be sending it to Cartoon Netowrk or Teletoon after the final exams. The sypnosis, taken directly from the pitch Powerpoint...
"A young man is hit by a truck, but miraculously recovers hours later. He is informed that spirits had helped save him, and he must pay back Death by exorcising 27 ghosts, one for each hour he was in a coma. With his companions, he begins to visit different places around the world to try and find ghosts."
I have been informed that this seems to be like Dororo, but honestly, I didn't think of that series when creating Endo. In fact, the whole idea for a ghost series came from a dream, which I made into an episode. Let's see how this pitch goes!
(Also, I'm starting a series of stopmotion films about a girl who pilots a robot. I want a Juku Couture doll, since it has excellent posability, but they're not available in Canada. And who knew it would be impossible to find a jointed Ken doll with curly hair?)