Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What the hell is this

I'm listening to Michael Jackson and goofing off in printmaking, and wanted to show you all something. The following is the first result in a Google search of "Cinderelliot"*...

So, apparently my debut comic shares the same name as a women's erotica book. However, this Elliot is a complete Mary-Sue and is effeminate. Look, another Fairy Godfather!

I tried reading the larger summary on that page, but I got the horrible feeling that the author masturbated to it while writing it. Luckily, this whole dilemna doesn't bother me too much, because I refer to my Elliot as Cain (which is technically his "birth" name, if I should be getting creepy on this).

Should I be concerned about copyrights? The book is selling for $2.98 and can probably not be brought up in polite company, so I doubt if there's anything that could happen. My biggest dream is to have an animated, feature film length version of Cinderelliot (my version! my version) and it would be funny if we had a Larry Potter disorder.

*Yes, I searched this. I am egotistical.

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