Saturday, September 5, 2009

Relevant to Some

Having shown the comic to a dozen girls, I can tell that the Fairy Godfather now has an immense offline fanclub. Katelyn, if you tell me "he needs a sexy boyfriend" one more time, despite my adding of the characters George and Klide the hitman, I'm going to come at you like Nevada-Tan. Aside, I'm very happy to have made a character that is such a hit, and I wonder if it'll be the same results when I test the comic on male classmates.

To my extreme disappointment, these same girls a) hate Elliot, or b) want to pair him with the Godfather. Remember in issue one? I immediately severed any sort of Godfather's attraction to Elliot that would secure him from being paired like so. The reason for this is that Elliot, alternate name Cain, is extremely important to me. Let me break down the influences that brought Cain together:

In a Tezukian method of character creation, Cain/Elliot is based on my favorite actor of all time, whom unfortunately died of a drug overdose just when he was trying to get into a different genre of movies. He was supposed to be in Ghostbusters, for God's sake! Disturbingly enough, I've mourned this man more than I've mourned deceased family members. Adding to this, Hideki is based on him too, but if you look at pictures of Cain from late 2008, he has a bastardized version of Hideki's hair. Cain is pretty much a distant substitute for John. Unfortunately:

...When I first showed off the first issue at a sleepover, the following verbatim conversation resulted:
K: Maybe this Elliot should just get together with the Godfather. You know, just go, "This girl's too hard to get! Maybe I..."
V: No, he said he found him ugly, remember?
K: Oh.
In my head, I was pleased that making the Godfather extremely unattracted to Elliot had worked. But this was a requested piece, and my only consolation was not having Elliot blush as well. Because he doesn't want to do it. I'll tell you people when you can slash someone.
(KingxGodfather is acceptable)

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