Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work on the Side

So I'm listening to a compilation of the Giygas background music, literally praying that the Tokyo power plant doesn't melt down, and am recovering from an embarrassing attempted call to Japan. I have a dumb little comic here to calm myself down. My method of stress relief is stupidly crude but harmless.

Behold, how a younger Jack Arthur got back together with his last girlfriend for thirty-four minutes. This is canon.

(Warning: crude language and boobs)

This is Ruth Howell, the one who stole his CDs and accidentally got shot before the current storyline. She's based directly on a Ruth I made in 2005, whom was sadly underdeveloped, despite how much Twelve Year Old Me thought she'd work with ProtoJack. I even have a couple of ancient drawings of the two getting married, back from when Becky was still a talking bird and everybody lived on a space station. I wonder how Twelve Year Old Me would have reacted if she found out that I'd later break them up over a 'stache argument.

Also, I talked to someone who asked if I'd ever continue Cinderelliot. I had to tell them that it's just a standalone and my debut work, and the characters appear "re-casted" in Westbury Detectives, but I'm happy she enjoyed Cinderelliot that much. (This sounds odd, but I always wanted someone to ask me about a sequel.) On the other hand, I wish people would stop asking to see a copy, thumb through half of it, and just hand it off to me.