Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"What Has She Done?"

Recently, my all-girl English class finished studying Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale", and the final unit project called for continuing the end of the novel. (For those of you whom haven't read the book, it pretty much goes like, "I have to go now. My home planet needs me.")

Most of the girls made videos for the project, two groups made radio dramas, and I made a comic. I am above bragging, but after I finished screening the whole thing, everybody was absolutely awestruck. Here's Handmaid's End, five pages in total, with cameos throughout. I warn you that one of the characters is heavily implied to have been shot in the head on page two.

On an extra note...the Commander was oddly my favourite character in the book, mostly because I liked how he was a bit of a doofy guy in his off-time. Atwood tends to put Older Creeper Men in her books, however, and anybody who's read the book probably knows about how he lets the main character put lotion on her hands...and just watches her quietly. It retrospect, it was weird as hell.

Also, Quinn will be coming to a formal end within the month. The quality has risen and dropped throughout the series run (this comes from the past tradition of only drawing the strips when inspired at school), and after the gap in updates, I've come to realize that Quinn needs closure. I'm going to ask my fans on deviantART what they've been waiting to happen, and then, I'll make sure the whole series comes to a happy ending. Quinn's been with me since 10th grade, and he's a pretty important - although neglected - character to me.