Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, I've got Cinderelliot #1 in the school library's magazine section. It seems to be getting's switching spots quite frequently, so either someone has a Mad Hatter-esque obsession of constantly moving the magazines over by one spot, or it's getting attention.

In the meantime, I'm waiting to be driven to a friend's house for a Tetsujin 28 marathon, because we're almost done the series and are only going through the episodes with Kenji. I've been feeling mildly fluish since Tuesday, so right now I'm eating blueberries in the hopes that it'll do something for me.

For now, have a Fairy Godmother scribbling:

Someone suggested early on that it would be easier to offer the comic to people if there wasn't a gay man involved. Imagine the Godfather's personality in a woman...we have what is known as a Tsundere, and the thrill of inverted gender is gone. Similarily, if someone were to use a devious, attractive, sniper lesbian in something, everybody would love that character for the reason that she differs from the female "standard" towards the male. Not to mention that lesbianism tends to be more marketable...

Anyhow, this is who you saw in issue one. Now if you don't mind, my ride is late, and I have finished the blueberries.

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