Monday, September 7, 2009

Lost Scene, #1

Midway through the comic, I started to come up with a lot of individual scenes that were only extra character development. I embellish my characters as it is, so there were three short scenes that never really went anywhere. I was planning to just let them go (or put them into an extended film version, DUN-DUN-DUN), but I realized that I'm the creator! I can make these supplementary scenes, and they'll be completely legit.

Today's page is of how King and Stepmama/Alexis ended up having the affair. Notably, you get to see Alexis when she was younger (by six years) and non-bitter, and King when he was a little less mature and easily moved by his libido. Did you know that I find it a huge turn-off when women smoke? I put this in, but you're probably more surprised that women would attract me in the first place.

The moral is, if anyone promises you a ridiculous amount of money for a one-night-stand, get that shit in writing.

Coming soon:
*Fairy Godfather talking to Mina near the end of issue two
*Elliot and his brother arguing in the apartment house lobby, early in issue one
Someday, whenever there's a professional paperback printing, I'll have all the pages together in one tidy alignment...


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