Monday, August 10, 2009

Kenji Murasame Block

Not necessarily Cinderelliot-related, but I recently made fan art for the Tetsujin 28 series...

"Is something wrong?"

One of the good things about Tetsujin was how distinct the syle was; it all looked like a rounded, shiny Fleischer-esque world, compared to the overused shoujo look of today.
Kenji Murasame was my favorite character in the show...he had a bright pink suit, puffy black hair, and a dozen throwing knives on hand. He and his two brothers (Ryusaku and Tatsu) were briefly shown as a small band of thieves, but for some reason, both brothers died before the third episode. That kind of thing always drove me nuts as a writer; I always felt the Murasame Brothers could have had plenty of good scenes if the two hadn't died.

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