Sunday, August 16, 2009

Model Sheets

Since Ponyo isn't playing anywhere Saskatchewan, we went to see Night At The Museum 2 and it was wonderful. They had young Al Capone as an antagonist, which I appreciated, because I've been interested in mobsters since I was eight. The only problem was Abraham Lincoln's voice. He was played by Hank Azaria, whom already plays another character in the movie, and his voice was too recognisable. They could have gotten another actor with a natural low voice, like Jamieson Price or the like. Amy Adams was perfect as Amelia Earhart. But still, everything was pretty good.

In honour of this, here are my original Cinderelliot character designs from February 27, 2009...

(Of course, I had been planning CE for about a month before drawing this.) Most notably, you can see my original intent to make George and Mina like birds and mice (a la Disney's version). Speaking of which, 1/4 of Disney's movie was just about the animals, for God's sake...

The Fairy Godfather was a little less enthusiastic-looking, didn't switch from stoic to feminine easily, and smoked. I've been trying to take the smoking out of my more attractive characters, given that smoking is gross and it ruins your overall look.* That aside, he originally had a light Brooklyn accent that would have been hard to put legibly in text. Charmy and King were briefly going to be Italian, with reddish-brown hair, but I changed that to add some diversity to the comic. And then almost went back when I worried the grey marker for their skin would look offensive.

And Elliot's hair! It's frizzy, compared to the insane poofy thing I gave him in the comic. Have you guys ever heard of Hideki from Nerima Daikon Brothers? His design + John Belushi's personality inspired Elliot. Elliot and his brother (who you'll see in #2) are actually called "Cain and Arbrook" in another one of my projects. It's a Cain & Abel pun, except Elliot doesn't kill Miles and marry their sister.

*I once was infatuated with a girl named Carlene, whom was a few months younger than me but tall and mature-looking. In 10th grade she took up smoking and loose sex with university students. No, I'm not bitter.

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