Sunday, August 23, 2009

Issue Two Now Available

Rough draft from mid-March 2009; final panel from Issue Two
My incredibly non-fancy printer is out of blue and yellow ink, so the latest I can get the comics printed is Monday. I tried printing the cover, but it was mostly red and looked terrifying. The comics'll be released in-store hopefully on the same day. The prices are as follows:

(Note: Shipping is included in these prices)
Issue One = $2
Issue Two = $2
If you do not live in Saskatoon and want both issues, they are at $3.25, which is an internet-exclusive offer from now to September 30. If you do live in the area, go to the shop and please save me money on postage.

Here's part one in a series of cartooning tips:

*Write the speech before you draw the speech bubble. I used to do this backwards when I was eight or nine, and as I noted from experience, it limits how much text you can put in. This is worse when you have a really good line and are forced to cut it up accordingly.
*Never limit your secondary antagonists to just being dumb, cliched thugs. Give them each a significant design, and maybe have one of them say a good linne. For more information on what not to do, see every one of Dr. Claw's henchman.
*Don't avoid drawing hands by putting them behind your character's back. (i.e. stiff arms pulled back, with mid-forearm hidden by hips) It's better to draw a bad hand on your first try, than to avoid drawing a hand entirely. In fact, look at your own hand when you draw one.

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