Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new title is needed

My A.M.I. keychain (previously pictured here) has been purchased this morning by my Japanese teacher, whom was planning to go to Christmas Carnival (just to see my table, no less) but was unable to. I felt kind of bad about letting a keychain go, but she really loved A.M.I., and I made more money towards the Japan trip next year.

Now, huge notes...Skipper is no longer capable of being a main character. I've tried to develop his character several times over the last four years, but he's either way too plain, a little snotball, or a cross of Astro Boy and Tails Prower. This is why he's being downgraded to a secondary character, one who never gets into his classic and sort of pointless car accident at the beginning of the series.

Instead, the story starts with A.M.I.'s reactivation.

You can probably see who's the lead now.

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