Saturday, December 4, 2010

If You Wish To Be A Nerd

There's a Saskatoon convention coming up called the Christmas Carnival, and I'm set to have an artist's table there. I will, however, be in attendance in a Japanese schoolboy uniform and black wig, as Masami Yuuki's character R Tanaka, coinciding with a related AMV I've entered into the video contest. My crippling mental problems aside, there will be merchandise.

(Left to right: Quinn Haverly, Quinn; Shigeru Kagiyama, Super Fighter Gigan-X; Elliot & Magic Elliot, Cinderelliot; Endo Hiramatsu, The 27 Ghosts of Endo; The Fairy Godfather, Cinderelliot; Bunny Clea, Hyperspace Bunny; A.M.I. Phillips, Skipper the Robot Kid)

Keychains! They're about 2.5" wide and set to be $4 each. They each have hand-drawn artwork in a thick plastic disc, with one of my flagship characters on the front, and my name and their home show's title logo on the back. I love these.

These are going to be in pretty limited quantity, but there's Fairy Godfather shirts, two designs. I'm going to have a deal where you can get one and a copy of the comic for $10, whereas the comic is $5 and the shirt is $10. The one pictured is a men's large, so any obese and/or disproportionately muscular fans can get their fix here.

I'm pretty excited for this. Let's hope I'm not scheduled to work cashier that Saturday...

In other news, I have a story to tell you all. About two months ago, I bought the All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku manga from 8th Street Books and Comics, and watched the whole OVA series a few weeks later. That's when I realized it was about a semi-insane divorced scientist father and his shy young son, and the teenage girl humanoid whom lives with them, and occasionally the scientist's successful businesswoman ex-wife.

This is, of course, the Hatcher family's dynamic in Hyperspace Bunny. I knew Nuku Nuku existed when I designed HB, but I didn't watch it then. I have an alibi, but I still feel terrible whenever my ideas infringe on someone else's, especially on something adored by thousands. All I have to do to is add an annoying trigger-happy female rival* for Bunny, and I'm set!

(*I don't like Eimi. I've gotten e-yelled at for this, but really, she pushes all the wrong buttons on me. Dr. Kyuusaku is utter buckets of awesome to me, however.)

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