Friday, January 7, 2011

Crashing Into 2011

So, Hyperspace Bunny #6 really should have been finished by now, but due to this being the final exam season, I've of course had to set aside the next page in favour of working on things like an Interior Design poster, a Japanese 30 poster, and two different essays for History.

Skipper the Robot Kid has been renamed Android Girl A.M.I., and A.M.I. is the only particle of the show whose character design hasn't changed at all from the 2006 original. I actually need to keep a text file with all the changes I'm making in strict detail, since I know I'll slowly forget it all. It's going to be good.

Now, I know I mentioned Westbury Detectives in the "Coming Soon" section in the back of Cinderelliot. (Speaking of which: Cinderelliot is now available to order online.) It's going to be three chapters long, have a giant mash-up of my characters, and focuses on a young detective trying to deal with two different supercriminals and an accident that happened when he was five. It's been in constant development since 2005, and it went from being this massive crime-fighting epic to a mini-series; just like melting down plastic, every time something new is made of it, it gets smaller. I like Neo-WD.

And, in non-sequitor news...I had a dream where I had to bike through a dangerous part of town, and there were billboards advertising drugs. One of them called marijuana "Shigeru", and I started freaking out in the dream, since I've got a Major Shigeru Kagiyama in Gigan-X. I'm still reeling over how 1/4 of Cinderelliot's fans are stoners (ohgodwhy), but after waking up, I realized nobody would nickname a drug with a male Japanese surname.

I hope.

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