Sunday, December 12, 2010

Con Updates

Remember how I said I'd be dressing as R Tanaka for Christmas Carnival? Well, I lied to you. Recent complications have led me to choose an Evangelion character:

There are certain people a girl should not be dressing as, but so far I'm pretty dead-on as Kaji. You'll be able to identify my table next Saturday fairly easily; I'm the one in the ponytail and red tie, sitting next to a cardboard posterboard, stacks of Cinderelliot and shirts, and an aura of transvestite tension.

In less awkward news, I finally designed the lead character of Super Fighter Gigan-X.

Roger Ross, a gay Scottish mechanic and the lead pilot of the government-funded Gigan-X robot project, potentially the only pilot. He's fun to draw, and hopefully after some further developmental stages everywhere in the series, I'll launch the miniseries next spring.

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