Monday, May 30, 2011

Things I Googled While Working on Westbury Detectives #1

Note: These are in chronological order, all of the following searched at some point during January to April 2011. You can kind of see the evolution of the story (along with a hint at a story about an art thief I dropped at the last minute)...
  • what happens if someone builds a bar near a school
  • map of Texas/New York State/New York City/Brooklyn/Westbury/Queens/Nassau County
  • industries of new york
  • black car
  • cement factory
  • cement factory hours of operation
  • places that can get shot and not kill you
  • miya
  • depressants drugs list
  • how long does a statute or limitations last
  • mulberry's saskatoon
  • colours that look good with black
  • cerulean blue
  • video games that came out in 1989
  • chinese restaurant interiors
  • statute of limitations for art theft
  • led zeppelin lyrics
  • hospitals in nassau county
  • what is pistol whipping
  • how long does it take to recover from a shot wound
  • how long does it take to recover from a stab wound
  • new york police officer uniforms
  • chinatowns in new york state
  • american hospital rooms
  • hospitals in nassau county
  • hospitals near westbury ny

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