Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everybody Calm Down

I really wanted to stay away from political matters with this blog, but someone of my generation really needs to put something uplifting up. After this message, we'll return to our usual programming of robots and gun violence.

So, much to the sheer abhor of everybody under the age of 45 who lives in Canada, Conservative Stephen Harper was voted in as prime minister, with NDP's Jack Layton as the official opposition. There's a difference of about 50 parliamentary seats between, which for non-Canadians, means both parties are really close in size, and Harper is able to do anything he wants now that he has more seats. People my age generally hate the crap out of Harper because he's so outdated when it comes to gay rights, environmental matters (Protip: look up "Alberta Tailing Ponds & Ducks" and prepare to never sleep again), Aboriginal matters, women's rights...basically, ask any college student how they feel about Harper's majority government and they'll start crying. But I'd like my generation to consider the following...

1. Sometimes the Conservatives never show up for a vote.
This is one of the side effects of being a rich bigshot. On even some of the crucial votes, members of the Conservative party tend to not come by, whereas the NDP is basically programmed to appear on time every day. You know that bill about transgender rights? Yeah, don't worry about it.

2. If you vote NDP in the provincial election, things won't suck as much.
I'm saying this especially because the Saskatchewan election is coming up, and a lot of my friends will be voting age by then. Not only will the NDP be around to help the majority of us who aren't rich white Christian folk, but Harper will have to acknowledge that his opposition is leading the province. We may not be the only NDP province, for that matter.

3. Just support the NDP and encourage your friends to do so.
I can't stress how important this is. Just talk it over with your non-voting friends and encourage them to register.

We're all going to be fine. Harper's gonna do the same stuff as before but slower, and how many elections have we had over his last term, three? There might be another election sooner than we might know. No matter what awful thing he does, speak up against it, and we're all going to be fine.

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