Monday, February 7, 2011

Westbury Detectives Now Online

It's taken me nearly six years to do something with this story...first it was "Jack the Space Detective", then it was "Tales of the Earth Federation", then it was grounded and became something with furries, and now it's my four-part detective adventure. Each page is done with meticulous care, so pages come out maybe once a week, and randomly at best. The first issue cover and three pages are now available...

Detective Jack Arthur is temporarily transferred to the village of Westbury for his own safety, following a shoot-out that wounded his girlfriend. While adapting to the laidback mood of his new agency, Jack is pulled into a rivalry with an up-and-coming mob boss, and struggles with a haunting memory from when he was five years old.

It was a strange process cutting up Westbury Detectives to resemble something more realistic than it used to be. I've never done more research on Nassau County than I've done in this last two months. I cut a subplot about a female character dressing as a male thief with a robot face, because that sort of doesn't fit in anywhere. I turned Westbury from this insane techno-metropolis to what it really is: a simple little village in New York state, but in this case, there's a crime syndicate passing through it. Anybody following the characters since 2005/2006 will recognize them all over the place and the drastic changes they've gone through.

I really love this story at the moment, and I hope you all will too. I almost wish I could talk to my thirteen-year-old self and compare versions closely with her...

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