Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (Until They Are A Cat)

I'm so sorry to anyone waiting on Hyperspace Bunny's been sidetracked ever since I started to prepare Cinderelliot for republishing, and then it got pushed back further by the sudden appearance of Westbury Detectives. I think since this chapter lingered more on Dr. Hatcher and Dr. Scar, it drained my will to write, since Bunny is really the character I have the most fun drawing. This isn't to say I don't love the hell out of Hatcher, though.

In other news, I turn eighteen on March 1st. It's really startling to hit this age all of a's made me think, "When was the last time I just sat down and drew a picture for fun? What would Thirteen-Year-Old Me think of my comics today? Am I going down the right path to get to animation direction?" About two years ago at this time, I first designed all the Cinderelliot characters. It's really startling, to say the least.

On the plus side, my birthday always means my friends who can draw give me pictures. Here's the first one, of the Fairy Godfather as a purple cat, by Jackie Regnier (my oldest high school friend).

Furries scare me, but getting this picture supplied me with some comfort...I have the theory that when a series has reached a certain level of fame, anthro artwork starts coming out of nowhere. I've just cracked up through the floor of this level (if that makes any sense aloud), so all my efforts in getting my work out there haven't been for nothing.

I am in a good mood, internet! On the eve of my birthday, we shall have insane partying-- no, wait, I have a meeting. And it's a school night.

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