Monday, October 24, 2011

Routine Course

Have a lot of people been following Westbury Detectives? We're nearing the end of chapter two, and I really need to express that I love Cora to bits. I wanted to finally make a strong female lead who was powerful but not needlessly sexualized (I went as far as to make her asexual), and I feel I've succeeded at this. Part of my adoration might be due to how much I love drawing wavy or curly hair.

I'm planning on getting a table at Christmas Carnival 2011, but in order to get a discounted artist's table, I'm going to print a limited edition Westbury Detectives #1 with a new colour cover and some bonus pages. These pages will be available in the online edition maybe a month after the event, but I promise these are going to look great.

I'm also thinking about going to this event as Ryo Saeba from City Hunter. I've offered a female friend the idea of paying for her to get in if she dresses as Ryo's assistant Kaori Makimura, even getting her an inflatable prop mallet too, but since that seems to be going nowhere I might just turn up as Commander Lisa Hayes.

Also, I'm running Ask Giant Robo on Tumblr, where visitors send the GR characters questions and they "answer" through drawings. I'm following the guides in the official series artbook, and it's actually fun to do.

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