Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Jack Webdoujin Now Open

The site's front page is here. I submitted a four-page fancomic here, and it's honestly an honour to be part of the 'Big Five', even if my renditions of Black Jack, Pinoko and Kiriko don't hold up next to all the other artwork. The Cinderelliot homepage is linked to through my name on the main page.

I was flipping through it, came across Brunch With Kiriko and I just went "GUHH--" like I got elbowed in the stomach. I guess I'm just being hypersenstive...the only downfall I can really see is my fantastic inability to draw certain positions of the hand or arm. It's a little startling that these comics will be up for years, and I wonder what kinds of fan kidlets are going to see it, and what they'll think...

If you just want to get to my comic, here's where it starts. All you really need to know is that I find Black Jack and Kiriko's character dynamic fascinating (not in a slashy kind of way), and Pinoko has a speech impediment.

OTHER NEWS: Got a haircut. Look like Major Klaus von Ebernach from From Eroica With Love. Not cool; waiting for bangs to grow longer.

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